Dr. Gary Spivey

I have had the pleasure of studying under the guidance of Dr. Gary Spivey during my time here at Fox. Dr. Spivey is a professor in the electrical engineering department. He specializes in the world of digital logic and microprocessor design. I find him so fascinating because he is the complete stereotypical engineer. There is a logical flow of ideas coming out of his head that just seem to fit exactly into the architecture of my mind. As a Christian he takes his faith and shares it in a logical straight forward light that resonates with understandings of scripture much more then the abstract touchy feely sort of faith.

Before entering the world of academia Dr. Spivey worked for the NSA doing secret intelligence work. Unfortunately he can not tell us much about what he actually did because if he did, he would be forced to kill us. Regardless of that morbid thought, Dr. Spivey worked in labs where high tech eye scanners were used to keep the information being discussed safe from prying eyes. The main idea was to take a process that would take a super computer days months to complete and design a system that could do it in a matter of seconds. While a super computer could do many different things at a quick rate, this device would only have one function, but it could do that function blindingly fast.

Dr. Spivey is still one of my advisers here at George Fox and research on his life would be as simple as visiting his office. I think this is part of what interests me so much in him. I have constant access to him but I don’t know very much about his life before Fox.


4 thoughts on “Dr. Gary Spivey

  1. Dr. Spivey sounds like a very fascinating guy! He kind of reminds me of my biology professor besides the part where everything he says fits the architecture of my brain. The NSA secret intelligence part is super cool, too! Not many people can say they worked for NSA doing secret intelligence work. Overall, good post!


  2. It is a goal of mine to build a solid relationship with one of my professors while I am here at Fox. I think it’s great that you found an interest in someone who was able to mentor you. Dr. Spivey seems like a cool dude!


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