Is it Christmas or Xmax

I remember back in high school when I felt like I was championing the Christian faith while attempting convincing my fellow classmates that the nativity scene and “Merry Christmas!” signs should be all over government buildings. Now I look back at high school Matthew and see a naive ignorant kid trying to fight a holy crusade without knowing how this country or my faith works.

To be clear, I am a huge fan of Christmas and the decorations we see everywhere. I am not a fan of the Christians trying to make the arguments that the government should be displaying Christian specific decorations. Christianity should be set apart from the world and the government is part of “the world”. This debate over a war on Christmas is ridiculous. A Christian should not be waging a war over something that will cause a divide between Christians and non-Christians. If you are wanting to honor your God during the holiday season, don’t fight with others over this. Instead show them love and you’ll honor Christ and avoid making an enemy.

As a citizen of the United States I do not like the idea of the Government getting involved in my religion or any other religion for that matter. The constitution is very clear on the matter of religion and the governments role in it all. They should not have any part in it. This annual fight over Christmas and what the Governments role should be is harming the Christmas feeling and resulting in no one being happy.


3 thoughts on “Is it Christmas or Xmax

  1. I agree with you that it is not very in the spirit of the holiday to fight over something like what the government’s role in Christmas should be. I believe that if people believe that the government putting up nativities as decoration is a violation of the separation of church and state then the government should just not put up any decorations at all during Christmas because Christmas is a religious holiday.


  2. I love when you said that Christians should not be apart of this world and the government is considered “the world”. That was a great analogy to make and a great perspective! Overall great job and I completely agree on everything that you have stated here! Good job! 🙂


  3. I think that Christians should celebrate Christmas the way they want and accept people if they want to join them in the way that they celebrate, but if the people don’t want to celebrate Christmas the way Christians practice it, it should not be shoved in their faces. I also think that Santa clause and other things should not be shoved in the faces of Christians that don’t want them in their faces and apart of their Christmas as well though.


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