I try to improve myself in everything I do. Every class I have taken has made me better at something and this class is no different. Although I loath writing and plan on doing the absolute minimum professional writing I can, this class has given me an opportunity to see where my writing struggles lie. I have become more confident in my writing and I have a better understanding of how I should organize my thoughts. I already had a good understanding of how to get a good flow in my writing and how to make my writing clear. What I struggled with is focusing my supporting paragraphs on my thesis while also making them all connect together. Often my paragraphs would make sense but were either repetitive or the transitions from one thought to another was difficult to follow.

The narrative paper we wrote first was my favorite project simply because the freedom to make a story up is a nice change to the lab reports I’ve had to write that demand factual information. I was able to exaggerate on what really happened in order to make a better story. If I exaggerated on my lab report, I would be torn apart by my professor.


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